Előadást tartott a HUN-REN SZTAKI-ban Paul Van den Hof, az Eindhoveni Műszaki Egyetem professzora

2023. január 23-án dr. Paul Van den Hof, az Eindhoveni Műszaki Egyetem nemzetközileg elismert professzora tartott előadást a HUN-REN SZTAKI-ban a legfrissebb tudományos eredményeiről. Előadásának címe: „Identification in interconnected systems – modelling, structural aspects and MATLAB Toolbox”.

Előadásának absztraktja: „Solving data-driven modelling problems in interconnected systems requires the appropriate handling of the system’s interconnection structure.  A core aspect is the allocation of sensors (measured nodes) and actuators (excited nodes), for identifying either a local module or a full network, while typically these allocation problems do not have unique solutions.  In this seminar we will present different ways for modelling interconnected systems from a data-driven modelling perspective, and discuss the consequences for identifiability and identification. A distinction will be made between systems with topologies characterized by either a directed or an undirected graph. This leads to either a (directed) module representation or a (undirected) representation through diffusive couplings.  Specific results for the module framework will be illustrated through the recently released MATLAB Toolbox SYSDYNET for identification in dynamic networks.”