SZTAKI researcher Júlia Bergmann to talk at Forbes Women’s Summit

SZTAKI researcher and EPIC InnoLabs employee Júlia Bergmann was a guest at the Forbes Women’s Summit.

As a guest of the Forbes Women’s Summit, our data scientist colleague talked about the situation of women in informatics.

The online mediated discussion focused on the acceptance of women in the male-dominated IT profession, the pay gap between men and women, and the balance of career and private life.

“When I got to SZTAKI, there were about four women in the sixty-person lab. They were very happy that we came with a different attitude than the majority, and therefore they were very inclusive, ”said Júlia Bergmann.

She also said that what counts as a “boy’s profession” was irrelevant to her in her career choice. At the same time, she is pleased to see that more and more women are choosing the field of mathematics or computer science. Nearly a third of EPIC InnoLabs employees are women who are involved in production optimization, simulation and data analysis.

Júlia hopes that their work will serve as a positive example for the younger generation and that “what does a girl do in IT” will no longer be a topic in the future.