Events for Society

Mar 2021
Industry 4.0 solutions will also be discussed.
Nov 2019

Stepán Gábor

The next lecture of the Rudolf E. Kálmán Distinguished Lecturer Program will be held at SZTAKI by professor Gábor Stépán on Parameter sensitivity in time-delay systems

The language of the lecture will be Hungarian. 

Date: Monday, nov. 18th, 2019 - 16:00

Oct 2019

On 30 of October, our colleague, János Nacsa will give a presentation on "Industry 4.0 Solutions in Robotics" at the VFP SYSTEMS' Industry 4.0 Road Show in Győr, Széchenyi István University, Management Campus, the entrance is free but pre-registration is necessary.

Oct 2019

The most essential augmented and virtual reality conference and expo the 4th annual AWE EU was invited our colleague Peter Kovacs to give a speech on open-source virtual reality software library called ApertusVR. Speakers were selected from the World’s leading IT companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon so we are proud to introduce SZTAKI’s innovation ApertusVR in that great line-up.

Apr 2018
Meet the start-up companies, learn more about their ideas and priorities, see prototypes, listen to presentations.
Nov 2016

In the frame of the European Robotics Week (#ERW2016) our Institute will open its doors to preschoolers.

Nov 2016

After three successful events we are organizing the 4th MUZEUM@DIGIT Conference in the Hungarian National Museum on 22-23. November 2016.

This year the conference aims to focus on the connection between museums and creative industries, namespaces and digital cultural heritage. Besides this we will also give place to returning topics such as digital solutions in museums and aggregation. 

Like in previous years, the conference will be international, as we can welcome guest speakers from Latvia, Great Britain and Croatia. We're also expecting many attendees from abroad.