Scientific-Development Vision

SZTAKI achieves novel scientific results on the basis of its focused basic research activities of acknowledged strength relying on a widespread domestic and international cooperation. By facilitating their direct utilisation to foster the sustainable development of national economy and society they contribute to maintaining and even enhancing the scientific-technical culture in Hungary.

The main strategic objective derived from our mission is

  • to pursue focused basic and applied research as well as technology transfer actions on areas defined by the mainstream of world trends on the one hand, and the domestic requirements and challenges (S23 strategy, Irinyi Plan, demands of industrial partners) on the other hand, while considering obviously the existing competencies of the Institute’s staff.  

Our main directions in basic research are the following:

  • Computer science
  • Systems and control theory
  • Engineering and business intelligence
  • Machine perception and interaction.  

The main target areas of our activities in applied research and development as well as in technology transfer are:

  • Vehicle and transportation systems
  • Production informatics and logistics
  • Energy and sustainable development
  • Security and surveillance
  • Networks, networking systems and services, Future Internet.

Enhancement of the scientific level of the research work at the Institute:

  • Participating in the university level education, attracting and retaining talented young researchers.
  • Improving permanently the research infrastructure available.
  • Maintaining a professional and well organised network of industrial partnerships, creating new appropriate organisational forms for this end including establishing of new companies as well. 
  • Strengthening domestic and international cooperation by devising new forms for it
  • Increasing the attractiveness of being part of the Institute’s staff
  • Protecting more effectively our R&DI achievements
  • Raising the awareness in the society of our presence.