Scientific Services

Members of the institute played an active role in the leadership as well as in the daily activities (board meetings, organising workshops and conferences) of the most significant international societies relevant to their research domain (including IEEE, CIRP, IFAC, IMEKO, IAPR).  The institute provides home for the Hungarian office of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which takes part in the activity of the working groups, supports the dissemination of standards in Hungary and also, directly contributes to web developments.

In cooperation with the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as with several Fraunhofer partner institutes an international workshop was organised for the representatives of the Hungarian industry about the challenges and opportunities offered by Industrie 4.0. 

The institute continues to view teaching activities in graduate and post-graduate education as an important ingredient of its research work and also as an indispensable part of building the future. Hence, many researchers at the institute also fulfil teaching mandates at various Hungarian institutions of higher-level education, including BME, ELTE, Corvinus, Pannon University, PTE, ME, PPKE, and CEU. On average, around 20 PhD students conduct research work at the institute under the tutorship of senior researchers. Around 25 researchers at the institute act as external and 5 as founding members in various doctorate schools.