Live Lidar demonstration by SZTAKI in the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Lidar data processing solution developed in the Machine Perception Research Laboratory (MPLab) was invited by Velodyne Europe executive director Erich Smidt for a live demonstration in the exhibition area of the market leading sensor manufacturing company at the Frankfurt Motor Show (

The Research Group on Geo-Information Computing of MPLab had the opportunity at the end of this summer to try the prototype of the newest sensor of Velodyne, called VLP32C which was directly developed for automotive applications. Following quick software development, two solutions of the group received invitation to the IAA Show of Velodyne in middle September.  

On one hand, the SZTAKI software plays an „eye-catcher” role at the exhibition. The program analyses in real time the measurements of a sensor placed at Velodyne’s exhibition area: it separates and tracks the visitors, while the result of processing appears immediately as colored point cloud on a display. On the other hand, the software can also load measurement sequences obtained by a car-mounted Lidar platform for offline data analysis, with automatically extracting the roads and building facade regions, detecting and tracking the moving vehicles and other objects.

As Velodyne announced at the press day of the Motor Show, VLP-32C will act as a critical sensor during their new strategic partnership with Mercedes-Benz.

The research team of Csaba Benedek was represented by Balázs Nagy Ph.D. student at the exhibition.