Quality Management Department


Our activities are focused on some main domains:
In the field of Software Quality Management our services include quality management system development according to the ISO 9001:2000 and the software quality standards, like the CMM standards, the European Software Quality standards. We have developed an electronic quality management system, which replaces the paper based quality documents and fulfils the requirements of these standards. This electronic quality system performs the quality processes in distributed environments. We also provide Quality Management Maturity Assessments and Software Process Improvement consulting and follow up. We are involved in the European Quality Network, there we jointly analyse key quality indicators and success factors to achieve high quality services and a continuous innovation process.

In the field of EU research and development consulting and training we support Hungarian proposers in joining or initiating European research and development projects within the Information and Communication theme of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. We maintain an information portal about the ICT programme and the calls of the 7th Framework Programme. We provide an advanced on-line platform to facilitate the search for project partners or joining ICT projects. - http://www.sztaki.hu/istok. We have contacts in 49 countries.

We support for European research and development institutions in ICT with the identification of appropriate Hungarian partners with our regular y updated database to be able to find a network of experts and competences to follow trends.

We also developed e-learning training courses, beside the quality management trainings about Continuous Organisational Learning in Innovation and Companies based on our research results in the topic of virtual team-working.

In electronic security we deal with IT security threat models, IT security standards and personal perception of IT security. We offer an on-line e-learning training course on e-security for SMEs based on the experiences and training courses that we developed in cooperation with international partners from Slovenia, Ireland and Austria.