Scientific Projects

24 Nov 2013– 31 Mar 2015

The HEXAA project includes a detailed study on present applications of Attribute Authorities (AA), and profound research on the legal and policy aspects. Realizing the problem of the limited attribute set that can be provided by real life Identity Providers a user-centric Attribute Authority is proposed. Based on this concept, a new Attribute Authorities implementation is to be developed which would facilitate AA integration into federations and eduGAIN.

1 Nov 2005– 30 Sep 2008

The wide range of operational risks companies and organisations are exposed to, encompass risks stemming from wilful internal and external frauds, and other criminal acts as well as from deficiencies of internal procedures, weak control thereof and insufficient staff skill and experience. As a consequence of all these, companies (may) incur significant losses. One of the specific objectives of our project is the reduction/mitigation of operational risk in financial institutions.

1 Jul 2003– 28 Feb 2006

Measuring security risks of the public network and systems consisting of computers connected to a network, new applied methods in security, developing technologies and devices, elaborating sample security systems, determining operational guidelines of organizations working in the area of security, propagating of a culture encouraging consciousness about security issues in computer networks (teaching materials, work conferences, case analyses).

1 Jan 1992– 31 Dec 2005