Beginner’s course about ELKH Cloud getting huge attention

On the 22nd of October 2020, SZTAKI’s researchers held a beginner’s course about the research and science cloud service ELKH Cloud in front of more than 120 attendees, gaining a huge amount of attention. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, visitors joined online.

The free of charge training began with an opening by the head of Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems, Péter Kacsuk, who introduced the history of the cloud and took mention of upcoming developments. These will enlarge the cloud’s capacity to make it available to university researchers as well. This was followed by SZTAKI researcher Attila Risznák’s presentation of the cloud’s most essential functions: application and registration, management of virtual machines, management of books and network security protocols.

Then came the operating system specific presentations, Rusznák introducing the cloud’s use under Linux and Windows. The event was closed by a listener Q&A session.

The ELKH Cloud introductory series will continue on the 28st of October with a professional day titled “ELKH Cloud in serving of science: past, present, future”. After announcement celebration of the ELKH Cloud’s development project, attendees may learn about its core MTA Cloud research infrastructure, gaining overall knowledge of the roadmap of ELKH Cloud, including research directions such as artificial intelligence applications or data repository management. Learning about successful cloud use in previous scientific projects may help listeners to understand and appreciate ELKH Cloud’s options, helping them to form ideas of its use in their own scientific endeavors. The day will end with a roundtable discussion with the developers and operators of ELKH Cloud.