Safety and Economic Platform for Partially Automated Commercial Vehicles
1 Jul 2015– 30 Jun 2017
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MTA SZTAKI initiated and leads an R&D consortium aiming to develop automated control functionality for commercial vehicles. The R&D objectives include the reduction of fuel consumption and of the emission of air pollutants, as well as the improvement of road safety and driver comfort. The project is organised in the following thematic groups:

  • System architecture
  • Automated vehicle control
  • Energy-optimal vehicle control
  • Power-supply
  • Drive

The project is funded by the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Fund. The consortium consists of Knorr-Bremse Braking Systems Ltd., multinational company; Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the leading educational and research institution of control in Hungary; MABI-BUS Ltd. bus manufacturer company; and Trigon-Electronica Ltd., drive train R&D company.


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