May 2018

FameLab is the world’s leading science communication competition. It spotlights the science communicators of tomorrow, who can show off their area of expertise in a truly engaging way. Cheltenham Festivals launched the first FameLab in 2005, and in 2007 partnered with British Council to take the model worldwide. Since then more than 9,000 scientists have participated from all around the globe.

The first ever FameLab in Hungary in 2018 was co-organised by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the British Council. The eLearning Department of our Institute prepared the smart phone application INFO@HAND FameLab.  By downloading the FameLab app, the user could stay up to date with the events of the competition, find all relevant information and submit registration.

Preparing the application brought challenge to the developers as well because a new function "Vote" also had to prepared on request of the organisers.


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