Elearning training material development from the scripts prepared by teachers in the topic of patriotism and national defense
25 Nov 2013– 31 Mar 2014

We prepare an innovative and complex training material for all levels of the public education in order to successfully execute the development of the key competence National self-awareness, patriotic education formulated in the National curriculum that came into effect in September 2013. The training material makes continuous teaching, learning and widespread knowledge transfer possible for both the teachers and pupils from the age of kindergartener to completing the secondary school.
We create a knowledge base consisting of eight packages prepared by using contents and methodology corresponding to the special capabilities of particular age-groups of in the 3 and 18 age range. It is accessible for blind, partially sighted, deaf and hard of hearing people as well. The packages consist of booklets, digital and interactive training materials for particular age groups.
MTA SZTAKI created the electronic training materials as a subcontractor for the project entitled "Preparing digital content and methodology for the education of patriotism and national defense TÁMOP-3.1.2-12/1-2012-0001".


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