Creating and introducing mobile tourist infromation system - GUIDE@HAND service with independent sales in standalone GUIDE@HAND Miskolc application
3 Jun 2013– 31 Jul 2015

MTA SZTAKI creates and introduces a mobile tourist information system for MIDMAR Miskolci Idegenforgalmi Marketing Nonprofit Kft. in a standalone Miskolc GUIDE@HAND audio guide application with independent sales.
GUIDE@HAND is available on mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet) with Global Positioning System (GPS) exactly determining the location of the traveler. The application provides offline or online map with the current position of the visitor. Whenever the tourists approach a point of interest their device will automatically provide them with basic relevant information. The application shows useful places on the map. It recommends events in the neighbourhood.
MIDMAR Miskolci Idegenforgalmi Marketing Nonprofit Kft. buys license for the walk editor, administrator and presentation applications. As a result, a standalone and complex Miskolc mobile application is created in the offer of the supported software stores. Buying the license ensures that the organisation can decide on which sales strategy they apply to offer the Miskolc GUIDE@HAND audio guide services to their clients. They are the only beneficiary of the application, therefore, the whole income from the service comes to them.


MIDMAR Miskolc Tourist Marketing Nonprofit Ltd.


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