Hungarian DBpedia launch

Hungarian DBpedia service is launched on , as the experimental, beta version of the Hungarian Wikipedia-based knowledge graph. DBpedia converts Wikipedia contents to a format that is machine-readable and -processable, thus providing an extensive amount of data to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other software. One can also browse DBpedia pages in a format that looks very much like a filled-in form. This format is highly suitable for associative browsing or websurfing.

How does the Hungarian DBpedia differ from the English DBpedia? First, it contains more Hungarian-related pages (eg. Lajos-forrás), and second, the written descriptions included are also in Hungarian. In the future we will be able to review Wikipedia extractions and improve or extend available data and connections.


DBpedia spotlight logo

A search service is also connected to DBpedia where an API enables search among URLs, even in autocomplete mode. Using the Hungarian version of DBpedia Spotlight, we can create links to  proper names and common nouns in the Hungarian texts that direct the user to the relevant DBpedia pages. In natural language processing this function is called Named Entity Recognition. Hungarian DBpedia service is set up by SZTAKI Department of Distributed Systems (DSD). SZTAKI has already participated in the earlier stages of DBpedia Spotlight development.