HydroCobotics konzorcium
1 Jan – 30 Sep
Founded %

The HydroCobotics H2020 cascade consortium is coordinated by industrial robotics company Hepenix kft., while hydroponics company Green Drops Farm kft. is also a member. Within ELKH SZTAKI, the project is coordinated by Research Laboratory on Engineering & Management Intelligence research fellow Imre Paniti. The research and development project starts on the 1st of January, 2021 and presumably concludes on the 30th of September, 2021.

  • Hepenix Kft.
  • Green Drops Farm Kft.
Project goals

The goal of this project is to integrate commercially available sensors with a robotic gripper and additional protective equipment, designed for this new application and create, and even validate a safety validation protocol for selected scenarios by applying a mobile robot platform with a robot arm in a vertically designed Hydroponic System.

Project results

Results of HydroCobotics may enhance the automation possibilities of hydroponic systems with the involvement of safe and collaborative robotics to make an already environment-friendly and efficient plant production system even more popular.