The third and final day of DET 2021 has succesfully concluded

The three-day Digital Enterprise Technology (DET) conference, held in virtual format due to the pandemic, has come to an end with the third and final keynote presentation by Professor Yingguang Li of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in China on a new high-pressure microwave solution for carbon fibre materials handling. The summary of the first day can be found here and the summary of the second day can be read here.

The professor's presentation, New curing principles and technologies in composite part manufacturing and cultivation of innovative talents, was the opening event of the third day of DET 2021 and focused on the challenges of manufacturing and handling materials for aerospace applications.

"Currently, aerospace composite parts are mainly fabricated using autoclave curing technologies, where the materials are placed in enclosed chambers and heated by inside circulating airflow. The technology has a number of problems which restrict further improvement of product quality and manufacturing efficiency, due to the large thermal inertia and uncertain temperature gradients. This presentation will introduce new high pressure microwave curing technologies and equipment developed by the research team for processing composites with high quality requirement, short time and low cost”, explained Professor Yingguang Li in the official abstract of the talk.

The rest of the day revolved around business intelligence, additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions. Visitors were also able to hear how SMEs can implement digital manufacturing, how external databases can be used to create digital twins (and how different types of twins can be defined), how gets 3D printing involved in aviation, and how precisely one can predict defects after laser cuts by using artificial intelligence.

DET 2021 closed with a short closing ceremony – the staff of SZTAKI and the EPIC Centre of Excellence would like to thank all the attention and interest of the virtual visitors.