SZTAKI science director József Bokor earns Szabó András award

Professor József Bokor, science director of SZTAKI and academic of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, was awarded the Szabó András award by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Science Committee during the celebrational closure of the Hungarian Science Festival 2020 on the 27th of November 2020.

The award for great scientific organizing and supporting work is given by the Internal Science Committee those who serve their outstanding quality duty of supporting scientific work for a long period of time, and add to the scientific achievements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Szabó András award is given twice a year. (Just as its second category aimed for researchers and teachers for great scientific work.)

The ward was designed by Áron Bohus. On the obverse, it shows the portrait of Professor András Szabó – attorney, former constitutional judge, academic of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences –, while on reverse, the name of the awarded and the date of the ceremony. The hand crafted, unique box of the Szabó András award was made by artist Zsuzsanna Szablyár.

Szabó András-érem