SZTAKI researchers held training and workshop about simulation in production

How to model production and logistic processes? Where to use simulation modelling at all? Should we even? These questions were all addressed during a full day training of EPIC Centre of Excellence that took place on the 20th of November.

The training was led by EPIC and SZTAKI staff members Botond Kádár, Ádám Szaller, Dávid Czrikó, László Lénárt, Richárd Beregi and Zoltán Vén.

First half of the day was about the theory of approach. Simulation in production is a complex topic that requires preparation while has its limitations and pitfalls. It is important that not every problem could be solved with simulation, and different simulation approached might be required to model different types of system. In case of a simulation project the first step is always to create a clear problem definition; without this, it could be very hard to create a simulation model that provides useful results. It is also possible to optimize parameters in a production system, by connecting the simulation model to an optimization module.

During the afternoon, participants had the chance to try all the above in practice by forming groups and solving industrial problems via simulation. The theoretical production line had to be modified to become as effective as possible and achieving this meant that buffer sizes and human worker task assignments had to be determined, just as the number of parallel machines and the workpiece carriers to maximize efficiency. The groups had to summarize and present their solutions at the end of the workshop, explaining their method and how they get there.

This year, EPIC is planning another simulation in production training that will focus on practical use of modelling on a advanced level.