SZTAKI hosted the annual meeting of project DKG

The Distributed Knowledge Graphs (DKG) project, financed by the COST programme, held its face-to-face annual Management Committee meeting hosted by the Department of Distributed Systems of SZTAKI on 13-14 October.

The participants discussed the plans for the next year, and summarized the events and activities of the last year (such as the workshop in February). In the next year short term scientific missions will be possible again, and workshops are planned about knowledge graph creation and SOLID. The project will also collect guidelines and best practices for the provision and consumption of knowledge graphs.

During the two days we enjoyed two keynote lectures. Angela Bonifati (Lyon 1 University, lecture title: “Big Graph Processing Systems”) talked about her work on analyzing typical querying in big graphs and how these can be made faster using property graph indexes and keys. Sabrina Kirrane (Vienna University of Economics and Business) presented the new challenges of intelligent agents and virtual personal assistants regarding legal and ethical constraints. In her talk titled “Following the Rules: From Policies to Norms” she argued that knowledge navigation and processing should have their adopted norms that implement the necessary governance in this area. The lectures will be available online on the YouTube channel of the project.