Robot learns math - SZTAKI researchers to present on HU-MATHS-IN Challenge Day

SZTAKI is also taking part during HU-MATHS-IN Challenge Days event series, co-organized by Széchenyi István University and the Magyar Ipari és Innovációs Matematikai Szolgáltatási Hálózat. Main focus of the March 4th presentations are going to be the connections between math and engineering science, while machine learning will also be discussed, explaining how a robot learns some basic math.

On behalf of SZTAKI, Richárd Beregi research engineer will showcase the Industry 4.0 solutions built in SZTAKI, including questions, issues and the universality of math as a translator between different fields of science.

Bence Tipary research engineer will showcase autonomous robotic part feeding with sequence planning. Markó Horváth research fellow will talk about the expectations for state of the art production design systems. Botond Kádár, CEO of EPIC InnoLabs Kft. will discuss industry digitization by showcasing actual international projects.

Industrial solutions will also be showcased by Bálint Rehák from Bosch Rexroth Kft. The closing round table will be moderated by József Váncza, head of Research Laboratory on Engineering & Management Intelligence. Tamás Kis research advisor is the SZTAKI organizer of the event.

The free, public Challenge Day is also sponsored by the Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform. For more info, please visit the official website of the event.