Presentation held by our colleague in the European Pellet Conference

Dr. Zsolt János Viharos, senior research fellow at the Engineering and Management Intelligence Laboratory, participated as invited Hungarian presenter in the European Pellet Conference, held in Wels, Austria.

The conference was part of the annual event series called World Sustainable Energy Days in which e.g. energy efficiency, smart buildings, e-mobility (e.g. e-cars) and energy regulations were key fields beyond the renewable energy topics. More than 600 experts from 66 countries participated in the week and the European Pellet Conference having more than 450 participants is the world largest pellet event.

This year, the key topics were marketing & business models, technologies, research & development, pellet market news worldwide and integration of biomass in future energy systems. Our colleague presented shortly the status of the Hungarian pellet market and also scientific results prepared together with his Ph.D. student Konrád Krisztina from Zalaegerszeg on the measurement and control of the pellets’ raw materials.

The suggestions for these actual but difficult to handle topics received positive feedbacks, the related section and the whole European Pellet Conference had a sparkling atmosphere with great interest and forward-looking concepts.

Dr. Viharos Zsolt János az Európai Pellet Konferencián adott elő