Our colleagues join the the European Researchers' Night abroad as well

Researchers' Night is organised all over Europe to popularise science. Our institute has been opening its doors to interested visitors at this series  of events for years, and this year our researchers are holding a spectacular demonstration abroad as well. Zsolt László Márkus and Zsolt Weisz will present the results of the eLearning Department in Burgas (Bulgaria) at the local event of Researchers' Night.

The colleagues of the eLearning Department will participate at the International Conference on Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage - DiPP2018 organised under the patronage of UNESCO in Burgas at the end of September where Zsolt László Márkus is holding a presentation as an invited author. They will participate in the the demonstrations for the 2018 European Researchers' Night, to be held at the DiPP2018 conference on 28th Szeptember 2018. They are holding demonstrations on the following themes:

  1. 3D interactive presentations of historically related significant complexes, bearers of the Eastern Orthodox culture and art: church and monastery complexes - architecture, frescoes, iconography.
  2. Experimental Web game application for interactive presentation and study of Thracian civilization and culture.
  3. Demonstration of the virtual mobile gallery BOOK@HAND BIDL.
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