Our colleague has received a prize in the 'Best Student Paper Award' in Rome

Péter Györgyi (of the Research Laboratory on Engineering & Management Intelligence) has received a Second Prize in the 'Best Student Paper Award' in PMS 2018 Conference for his presentation 'Minimizing the total weighted completion time in single machine scheduling with non-renewable resource constraints' (joint work with his supervisor Tamás Kis).

The authors work with a single machine scheduling problem with a single non-renewable resource. The resource has an initial stock and is replenished over time in given quantities. The paper examines variants with more supplies, where the authors can state job independent connections among the processing times, the resource requirements and the weights of the jobs. The authors yield optimal schedules for different connections. They also describe a polynomial time approximation scheme for one of the obtained problems, which is proved to be strongly NP-hard.

the Second Prize in the 'Best Student Paper Award' in PMS 2018 Conference