Our colleague has received the 'Jean-Pierre Brans PROMETHEE Award' at the PROMETHEE Days conference.

Sándor Bozóki (colleague of the Research Group of Operations Research and Decision Systems, Laboratory on Engineering and Management Intelligence) has received the 'Jean-Pierre Brans PROMETHEE Award for the best paper' in the 4th International Conference on Decision Support System Technology (ICDSST) – PROMETHEE Days 2018 conference for his paper and presentation 'Global sensitivity analysis in PROMETHEE'.

The author investigated the sensitivity analysis of multi-criteria decision models. He showed that the sensitivity model published by Mészáros and Rapcsák in 1996 and its further developments can be applied in PROMETHEE. Until now PROMETHEE allowed the change of one or two criterion weights at a time, while the proposed model allows the simultaneous change of all the weights in order to check whether a rank reversal occurs.

Jean-Pierre Brans PROMETHEE Award