Our colleague, Dr. Zsolt János Viharos received a certificate for his outstanding contribution in reviewing from the international scientific journal Measurement

Dr. Zsolt János Viharos, senior research fellow at the Engineering and Management Intelligence Laboratory received a certificate for his outstanding contribution in the reviewing processes from the international scientific journal Measurement.

Many senior researchers at SZTAKI are members of international scientific organisations which are typically owners and publishers of prestigious scientific journals and organisers of various scientific conferences.

Our colleague, Dr. Zsolt János Viharos is active in the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) organisation that was founded in 1958, in Hungary (!) and also currently, the centre of IMEKO is located in Budapest. Establishment such an international organisation, especially at the end of the 50s and after that, keeping the centre in Hungary is a serious appreciation for the Hungarian research-, and scientific-political activities.

Currently, our colleague has two positions inside the organisation, since 2012 he is the scientific secretary of the Technical Committee (TC) on Technical Diagnostics and since 2013 he is the president of the Hungarian Member Organisation of IMEKO, too. Due to his positions and activities he is receiving continuously reviewing requests of the scientific paper candidates arriving at the primary, prestigious, international journal of IMEKO called Measurement.

The impact factor of Measurement is increasing and is ordered as a Q1 category, prestigious journal receiving yearly increasing number of paper-candidates; however its acceptance rate is not very high.  In the year of 2017, our colleague reviewed high number of papers and served with good quality reviews that resulted in the Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing by Measurement.

Dr. Viharos Zsolt János