New international cooperation enhancing the research backgrounds of production control and logistics

Started in January 2016, the  EXCELL project ( Actions for Excellence in Smart Cyber-Physical Systems applications through exploitation of Big Data in the context of Production Control and Logistics ) foresees the collaboration of researchers from four European countries (Hungary, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium) in the field of Cyber-Physical Systems and Big Data applications serving production and logistics networks.

The main activities of the project will foster the mutual development of knowledge in 8 Priority Research Fields (PRFs), as well as 6 complementary skills in the course of transnational secondments and training sessions. Furthermore, the project will support the exploitation of user-driven innovation.

The 8 Priority Research Fields are:

  1. Cyber-Physical Systems and Human System Interaction 
  2. Business-based Internet of Things and Services 
  3. Next-generation Authentication and Authorization Solutions
  4. Enhanced Context-aware Services 
  5. Cognitive modelling and social networking approaches 
  6. Data mining
  7. Data interoperability
  8. Tracking and tracing

EXCELL is an H2020 Twinning project of 3 years duration, with MTA SZTAKI leading the consortium.