Laser welding with robots at the Science Agora exhibition, Tokyo, Nov. 13-15, 2015.

Invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade , the Laboratory on Engineering and Management Intelligence of MTA SZTAKI participated as an exhibitor at Science Agora , Tokyo, Japan.

This exhibition is an annual event dedicated to science education, with around 10.000 visitors each year. The motto of this year’s event was “ Let us build a society harmonized with science ”. In the frame of the exhibition, and in the spirit of the International Year of Light , the delegation of the EU to Japan organized the Europe Light House event, where invited scientists from the EU and Japan presented their results on light.

Hungary was represented by MTA SZTAKI, who – together with an on-line co-speaker from the University of Warwick – presented the results of the RLW Navigator research project, that has recently terminated successfully, in a talk titled “ Laser Welding with Robots: from Design to Production ”.

Further details and contact: Dr. András Kovács .