Highly successful Researchers’ Night at SZTAKI

For the first time in two years, SZTAKI welcomed visitors in person during the international programme series of Researchers’ Night. At the event on 30 September 2022, visitors could find something to do as early as 2 pm, when the first programme opened: devil's cloaks and logic games in the community space of the Kende Street building.

From 6 pm onwards, the other programmes started: the Innovation and Demonstration Space, opened in the summer, was open for visitors to see robots and their scientific demonstrations; lectures were held on the Ageing Clock, an artificial intelligence tool that can determine biological age; the history and virtual tour of the Iron Age Danube Road and LIDARs and their environmental mapping capabilities; and guided tours of the exhibition "From the Past to the Future" in the lobby of the Lágymányosi building of the SZTAKI.