Cybersecurity webinar at SZTAKI about domain, DNA and e-mail security

SZTAKI and Integrity Kft. held a co-organized cybersecurity webinar on the 19th of November 2020. MELASZ and RSOE were also participated the public event. More than a hundred viewers followed the webinar.

One of the main topics of the webinar was the negligence of domain and DNS security. The event raised attention to know-how, importance of company regulations, organizing, and management, while also providing guidelines.

Integrity CEO Tibor Dravecz talked about the basic terms and the process of choosing a domain name, but also mentioned potential attack surfaces and domain name theft. Ernő Rigó, IT engineer or SZTAKI’s Department of Network Security and Internet Technologies held a presentation about the theoretical management of a security incident, but József Kadlecsik, IT manager of Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Péter Máté Erdős from MELASZ and Zsolt Krüpl from RSOE also held presentations.

Powerful protection tools like Registry Lock, DNSSEC and Anycast DNA were all mentioned, but official digital signing and its consequences in law were also mentioned. Importance of DKIM was heavily vocalized, pointing out the relevance of using DKIM, SPF, DMARC, ARC, DNSSEC at once.

You can reach the entire webinar here.