Another SSA success

Mechatronics students and employees of Research Laboratory on Engineering & Management Intelligence Dániel Horváth, Gábor Losonczi and Tamás Magyar won with excellent teamwork the 1st place in the Scientific Students’ Association 2016 (BME, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics section). Their paper, Development and Implementation of Navigation and Control Algorithm for AGV Robots in a Smart Factory also received the appraisal of AUDI Hungary. Their consultants were Dr. Ferenc Gábor Erdős senior research fellow and Richárd Beregi research associate.

The focus of their work was using AGVs in highly automated factories. To accomplish the project, the  lab’s sample production system was used with Festo Didactic Robotinos®. The robots transport workpieces between the nests of workstations while constantly communicating with the central control unit, receiving commands and sending feedback. The young employees have created a solution for many tasks, including motion control (calibration of sensors, movement in a straight line, rotating around the central axis, positioning onto inductive strips, picking up and putting down workpieces) and higher level pathfinding and path optimization.

Congratulations on their successes and we wish them many more!