SZTAKI to join the MediKlaszter

The goals set in the cooperation of the parties will help researchers, domestic medical technology developers, manufacturers, and the efforts of the government in the field of health care, thus creating interests for those involved in the health industry.

MediKlaszter and SZTAKI continuously cooperate in developments, innovations, and the market introduction of medical products developed by the member companies. Along with common values ​​and interests, the cooperating partners set the goal of developing R & D & I programs.

Members of the MediKlaszter fulfill their social responsibilities by developing and marketing their products, while SZTAKI achieves this by its R & D & I activities, contributing to the solution of the global problems of medicine.

The Hungarian Medical Cluster (MediKlaszter) is a professional association of companies dealing with the development and production of medical technology products and health care services. There are 49 members of MediKlaszter, all of them being Hungarian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In addition, there are 7 cooperating scientific institutes (SZTAKI, SE, BME, OE, SZTE, SZE, PTE) – together, they are key players of the Hungarian medical industry. The companies manufacture medical equipment and devices and develop services that contribute healthcare to high-quality domestic devices, technologies and services.

Goals of the MediKlaszter are to increase the competitiveness of the 100-year-old Hungarian medical technology industry, to develop the innovation environment of the healthcare industry, to continue the traditions of the industry, and to preserve and raise its culture through professional networking. To this end, the MediKlaszter cooperates with representatives of Hungarian science and government.