National labs coordinated by SZTAKI actively took part in the programme of the Artificial Intelligence and Technology Exhibition held at the ZalaZone Test Track

A one-day exhibition on Artificial Intelligence and Technology was organized for 28 Jan, 2022 by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) and the Digital Success Programme. The event was hosted by ZalaZone Automotive Test Track near Zalaegerszeg, Hungary. The exhibition was opened by a presentation by László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology.

The aim of the exhibition was to present the state-of-art in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), 5G communication and of the drone technology, and point to and emphasize their varied application possibilities.

The event was attended by numerous governmental and industry leaders, experts and interested professionals. The Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory (MILAB) and the Autonomous Systems National Laboratory (ARNL) both coordinated by SZTAKI actively took part in the scientific programme.

At the SZTAKI booth, technical demonstrations related to human-faced robotics, drones and their formations, AI-supported vehicles in augmented reality were presented, while at the MILAB booth, some sensor-based AI-supported systems developed by the MILAB consortium member organizations – that increase the efficiency in animal husbandry and plant production were demonstrated. All these demonstrations were well-attended and well-received.

Highlights of the mentioned presentations and demonstration can be seen here.

Photographer: Zsolt László Márkus / SZTAKI