PREdictor for HUman-RObot COllaboration (PREHUROCO)
5 Feb – 31 Aug

PREdictor for HUman-RObot COllaboration (PREHUROCO) utilizes interactive technologies in a new innovative way to create a cobot independent pre-collision approach for reducing these cumulative delays. PREHUROCO technology creates a shared virtual reality workspace over the Internet/Intranet for humans and robots. The human operator will be digitally immersed into the real-time digital twin of the manufacturing cell by XR visualization and/or haptic feedback. This innovative usage of interactive technologies which can assist the human operator for avoiding collisions in various assembly tasks is a novel approach in cobot based production


Project goals

The general objective is to develop a new interactive technology based collision avoidance software technology for Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) in various manufacturing assembly tasks. The following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were defined and will be measured during the validation on TRL6: ● Decrease the number of collisions to zero with proper system parameter settings. ● Decrease the Takt Time (TT) by 5% ● Demonstrate how the XR technologies can be used in HRC based production by PREHUROCO for manufacturing companies