SZTAKI researchers to win bronze prize at international scientific competition

SZTAKI's team called „Quickest Route” won the bronze prize in the international open competition „ICAPS 2021: The Dynamic Pickup And Delivery Problem”. The third place worth two thousand dollars was won by Markó Horváth, Tamás Kis and Péter Györgyi.

The task was a Huawei-formulated inter-factory transport problem, where the schedule and route of transport vehicles must be optimized so that loads operate efficiently — that is, from one warehouse to another with less delay and the shortest possible route. The team also used the experience gained during the INEXT project, supported by National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

A total of 153 teams registered in the two-phase competition, but only 33 teams could get through the first phase. The five-thousand-dollar prize gold prize went to a team called SZU-OldDriver, which brings together Shenzhen University students, and the silver prize went to a team called Y from Tsinghua University – they won three thousand dollars.

“The competition was very exciting and full of twists. The final order was decided only in the last hours” – said Tamás Kis, scientific advisor of the Research Laboratory on Engineering & Management Intelligence of SZTAKI.

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Image: Unsplash