SZTAKI colleagues participated in the Market-X conference organised by Gaia-X in Vienna

SZTAKI is the Hungarian HUB for the Gaia-X European data sharing technology project. Therefore, it was obvious that our institute was represented at the Market-X conference in the Austrian capital on 14-15 March. Róbert Lovas, Gábor Érdi-Krausz and Ákos Hajnal aimed to gather more knowledge and contacts about the project's status and the European participants.

The conference was attended by a number of EU policy makers, who all stressed the necessity of digitalisation and the creation of European industry data spaces and the importance of Gaia-X in the technical implementation of data connectivity and secure and trustful data sharing. Gaia-X is a founding member of the European DataSpace Business Association (DSBA) and collaborates with the EU-funded DataSpace Support Center (DSSC).

The launch of the Gaia-X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH) was announced at the conference, which system will qualify, certify and assist those who wish to join Gaia-X to achieve Gaia-X compliance.

In the photo, from left to right: Gábor Érdi-Krausz, project coordinator for industrial relations at the Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory; Róbert Lovas, deputy director of SZTAKI; Ákos Hajnal, research associate at SZTAKI