SZTAKI is among the nominees of Innovation Radar Prize 2018

In the competition to identify Europe's top innovators, the European Commission has nominated our institute for its research and development work in the project SYMBIO-TIC. An open vote decides the winner, votes can be given until 12. November.

The European Commission has launched a competition to identify Europe's top innovators and their innovations. These innovators have been identified through the European Commission's Innovation Radar. Up until 12 November 2018, people can vote for their favorites among 48 nominees. Twenty finalists will be selected on the basis of this public vote.

Our institute has been nominated for its research and development work, carried out in the SYMBIO-TIC H2020 project, which aims supporting symbiotic human robot collaboration in assembly production. In this area, a key for boosting the efficiency of human workers is supporting them with context dependent work instructions, delivered via novel communication modalities. Workers, in turn, should control the robot by using the most convenient communication way, thus lifting the limitations of traditional interfaces as push buttons installed at fixed locations. In the SYMBIO-TIC H2020 project such a novel Human-Machine Interface Controller (HMIC) was developed and deployed in a number of demonstrator environments.

The voting can be accessed at the following location:

Contact: Csaba Kardos