The results of the FLEXOP project are presented by its Project Leader in the EU Research journal


The 'Flutter Free FLight Envelope eXpansion for ecOnomical Performance improvement' (FLEXOP) project is an EU H2020 project. It opens a complete new dimension for derivative aircraft design. In order to validate the different methods and tools developed in the project, a flight-test campaign will be carried out, in which the design and manufacturing of stiff wings, very flexible wings with active flutter control, as well as tailored wings for passive load alleviation will be verified.

Bálint Vanek, PhD, the Deputy Head of the Systems and Control Lab of our Institute, summarizes the results of the project in an article in the EU Research journal. The article, which is illustrated with six photographs, is an interesting read for UAV researchers, developers, practitioners, and  also for the members of the general public.

FLEXOP projektről ír az EU Research c. folyóirat