Our institute has been successfully participated on Websummit

Our institute has been successfully participated on Websummit, one of the most prominent and biggest IT conference and fair in the world in Lisbon. The institute was represented by the Shared Virtual Reality Research Group of the Machine Perception Research Laboratory. Due to the open source ApertusVR product, our institute gained the opportunity to interact with future clients from sectors that were not characteristic before.

The intended purpose of Websummit is to bring innovative solutions delivering IT start-ups, big IT companies and investors together. Although SZTAKI’s Shared Virtual Research Group is not a classical start-up, the team received an invitation on behalf of ApertusVR, that has a unique feature set that closes market gaps like no other product on the AR/VR market.

Beyond the classical IT fair, the organisers made it possible to participate on informal events for classical networking, coupled with gastronomical experiences, where participants had the opportunity to share their results with their international community.

This made it possible to the ApertusVR development team to present and share knowledge Within the confines of RALI, which event accumulated a vast amount of the AR/VR start-ups and also allowed ApertusVR to join the international AR/VR Association.

During the time of the Websummit 2017 conference and fair it has been proved that -at the moment- there’s no other open source product that shares the abstraction, feature richness, and advantages of ApertusVR.

Development team of ApertusVR, the Shared Virtual Reality Research Group