Improved version of Occopus has been released

The new, significantly improved version of Occopus has been released.

Occopus can be used by application developers and application controllers to manage virtual infrastructures at deployment time and at runtime as well as to create and provide complex virtual infrastructures to be built by one click even by novice cloud users.

It has the following  new features :

  • introduce periodical service health checking
  • new service health check mechanism: database check
  • new service health check mechanism: port check
  • add timeout for service unavailability
  • improved nova plugin: voms based authorization
  • new plugin: handling docker cluster
  • new plugin: occi cloud interface for EGI FedClouds
  • tutorials to demonstrate chef, docker and occi plugins
  • node definition 'synch_strategy' keyword renamed to 'service_health_check'

You can find more details about Occopus on the  Occopus website .