The first Hungarian film-tourism application has been released

The first Hungarian film-tourism smartphone application has been created with the contribution of the eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI. The application provides the most complete guide to one of the most popular film destination capitals, Budapest.

GUIDE@HAND Film Destination Budapest, the very first Hungarian film-tourism application, has been developed by the eLearning Department of MTA SZTAKI and the creative team The new smartphone application can be freely downloaded. It was prepared in Hungarian and English and is available on iOS and Android platforms.

The content was provided by Ádám Názer and Balázs Basa the authors of the book entitled "Shot here. Starring Budapest. International films" published by Akadémiai Kiadó in 2014. The eLearning Department takes care of the maintenance of the application and the contents.

Features provided by the application for Hungarian and foreign visitors:

  • comprehensive overview of film-making in Budapest
  • hidden romantic locations, unique architectural miracles
  • celebrity spotting
  • offers for shops and restaurants where stars shop and eat
  • atmosphere of different cities
  • vivid nightlife on the haunts of stars

Further information about the application:

The smartphone application has been presented several times in the domestic media, e.g. in the radio broadcast of Trend FM Exclusive! on 20 October. You can download the application here.

GUIDE@HAND Film Destination Budapest