Factory of the Year: SZTAKI researchers to visit manufacturers

As the conclusion of 2020’s “Factory of the Year” competition is approaching, researchers and employees of SZTAKI and EPIC InnoLabs Ltd. visit the four shortlist finalists of the Industry 4.0 category to perform the local audit; SZTAKI and EPIC are the respected auditors in the aforementioned category. The first two visits are already done.

First, Gábor Nick and Zoltán Vén visited the Hirschler-Glas Ltd. in Sopron. This was followed by the visit of János Zsolt Viharos at Continental Automotive Hungary Ltd. in Budapest.

Hirschler-Glas Ltd. in Sopron has been producing mirrors for 120 years. Industry 4.0 is a priority area for them and is being seriously addressed to increase their competitiveness. The main emphasis is used to collect and display data. They solve as much as possible on their own, thus reducing dependence on suppliers. Hirschler-Glas won last year’s competition in the “Most innovative manufacturer” category.

The Budapest plant of the Continental Group, founded 150 years ago, manufactures automotive electronic components and microelectronic circuit modules for the group's Chassis & Safety, Powertrain and Interior divisions, as well as for the world's leading automotive factories. They won 2019’s “Best producer” category.

The deadline to register of 2020’s “Factory of the Year” competition was on the 30th of November last year. The Hungarian competition is organized by Gyártástrend magazine. Announcement of results is expected after the on-site visits, at the beginning of the summer, following the decision of the jury. SZTAKI is represented in the jury by Gábor Nick.

A képen, balról jobbra: Dr. Zsolt János Viharos, SZTAKI senior research fellow; Emese Balázs - PPH Media - Gyártástrend - Business Unit Manager - editor-in-chief; Zsolt Almási - E.ON Energiamegoldások Kft. - engineer project manager; Brigitta Puskás - Process Solution Kft - Experienced Senior Accountant; Attila Kolumbán - Process Solution Kft - Experienced Senior Acc

Cover image: Unsplash