Fabrication of image sensor chip finished

The characterization of the vision based velocity sensor chip starts

In November  2016, as a result of a cooperation between the Computational Optical Sensing and Processing Laboratory and the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, a vision based speed measurement sensor chip has been sent to fabrication, as we reported it back then. In early March, Austria MicroSystems sent us the 44 pin sensor chips, which were produced using a 0,35 um CMOS technology. In our laboratory, we designed an FPGA based measurement environment, which performs the control and image capture aspects of the system.

These ASIC devices stand out form the other chip designs in the national research and educational sector, in terms of complexity and transistor count. 

Based on this technology, one might build a simple low cost smart sensor node, which can be deployed in smart cities for monitoring the current speed of the vehicles and the their node-to-node travel time by temporally storing their licence plate information.


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