COURAGE project on the European Institutions Open Day 2018 in Brussels

COURAGE H2020 project, along with six other projects, was invited to exhibit on the European Institutions Open Day 2018 in Brussels. In the event held on May 5, the selected projects aimed to demonstrate scientific research and innovations come to life under the H2020 framework.

MTA BTK, TK and SZTAKI participates in COURAGE, which presented the legacy of the cultural opposition in the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe through online and real life games. Grownups could play with map games and learn the idea behind expressions like samizdat or socialist realism. Children liked the jigsaw puzzles and memory games made from archive photos and paintings. COURAGE project creates a database of the popular and the less known collections of the cultural opposition for posterity and the researchers, which is already publicly browsable.

The IT background of the database, portal and online games are provided by MTA SZTAKI Department of Distributed Systems.