Associated Press to report on HydroCobotics

The oldest news agency of the United States visited the Győr laboratory of SZTAKI to take a look at robotic plant farming.

The one-minute-long video report of Associated Press (AP) shows how a collaborative robotic arm is rotating the vertical hydroponic system of Green Drops Farm Kft., in part of the cascade H2020 project HydroCobotics. The reporters even present planting with robotic involvement.

The presentation took place at the Győr-based laboratory of SZTAKI, at the campus of the University of Győr. The work was coordinated by research engineer Imre Paniti, who is also leading the project within SZTAKI. József Tóth, business development director said AP that the trust in robots may be elevated by focusing on safety.

You may read more on HydroCobotics by clicking here. To see our own demonstration video, click here!