In 2023, the annual conference of the scientific organisation IMEKO TC10 on Measurement for Diagnostics, Optimization and Control will be held in Delft, the Netherlands

The International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) is an international, scientific organisation covering the complete range of measurement, which has 41 official country members from all over the world. IMEKO members present their scientific results at conferences in 25 different subfields every year. The sub-areas (TCs, Technical Committees) decide when and where to organize their annual conference, except for the world conference every 3 years, in such a year, IMEKO members come together in one place in the world. 2024 will be such a year, then the conference will be in Hamburg.

In 2023, TC10, whose theme is measurement for diagnostics, optimization and control, will hold its conference in Delft, the Netherlands, on September 21-22. Among other things, two invited experts from Germany and Denmark will give presentations at the conference, and the conference is also sponsored by the ZEISS and PI companies, the EPIC Centre of Excellence and the Dutch National Measurement Institute. The scientific results will be presented in 4 sessions, on the first day there will be two blocks on applied artificial intelligence, and on the second day, there will be a section dealing with sensors, data collection and data processing, as well as a section dealing with the integration of micro- and macro-measurements. According to tradition, the conference will end with a ceremony for prizes for the best three publications. Researchers of HUN-REN SZTAKI will take part in the event.

The 2023 IMEKO Annual Council meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary, as described here.

Photo: scientific demonstrations are showcased and tried out at the Annual Council Meeting of IMEKO, Budapest, held at  HUN-REN SZTAKI, in the Innovation and Demonstration Space (IDT) of the Lágymányosi Street building, on 1 September 2023.