Real-time production control


Unexpected production demands raised by changing market conditions, late deliveries by suppliers, equipment break downs etc. necessitate a quick response to manufacture goods successfully. The function of real-time production control is to adapt the production system to the changing environment, while preserving efficiency with respect to cost, time and quality requirements.

The following four principles need to be implemented to make real-time production come true:

  1. Incidents are instantly detected by sensors closely tracking machining, transportation and quality checking processes.
  2. IT infrastructures are fully integrated to forward relevant data without any delay.
  3. Production management software provides decision-makers with key data to allow fast and well-grounded actions.
  4. Production planning and control methods are simple-to-use, robust, and incorporate the knowledge on the shop-floor level.

The specialists of the Laboratory develop and successfully implement solutions for SMEs as well as for notable global companies. As an example, one of the world’s largest lighting appliance manufacturers uses our production scheduler system. Besides designing custom software, we offer the following services:

  • Efficiency analysis of using information and communication technologies
  • Technology selection for real-time control
  • Evaluation and selection of low-cost tools for production management
  • Implementation of robust, selfcontrolling processes on shop-floor level
  • Comparison, business-case examination and implementation of tracking and tracing solutions