Order management


Customer-driven order fulfilment should be the core competence of any business. To fully meet customer demands the factors of production, including human and manufacturing resources, material and information, must be managed. A critical issue is the increasing number of product variants and shrinking lot sizes, which massively increase the complexity and number of orders to be processed.

The Laboratory can help you to avoid disturbances, and eliminate excess inventory, long lead times and high personnel- and IT costs.

  1. Analysis: We examine whether the investigated design elements of order management help to fulfil the business goals. The resulting action areas are described with a view to actual feasibility, timeline, cost-benefit ratio and risk.
  2. Redesign: We set goals for redesign and elaborate guidelines how to achieve these goals. Process-driven redesign is the guiding principle to bring about a drastic cut in interfaces.
  3. Implementation: Possible ways of implementation include pilot projects or full-fledged roll-outs, both based on detailed step-by-step planning.


Our service offering

  • Derivation of necessary production characteristics out of customer requirements
  • Increase of efficiency by means of holistic capacity and resource planning
  • Definition of the optimal Order Penetration Point
  • Definition of KPIs and score cards


Our holistic approach to designing your order management system ensures that your problems should be identified and tackled at the right point and conclusively resolved. This makes it possible to align your order management system with all the dimensions of the required market performance such as cost, time and quality.