SZTAKI was involved in the development of Hungary’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Work on Hungary’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy is finished, announced László Palkovics, minister of innovation and technology on the 8th of September 2020.

The strategy was developed with the involvement of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition’s over 250 member organizations and more than a thousand experts. SZTAKI was connected on several points as well: head of Informatics Laboratory András Benczúr led the coalition’s data asset workgroup, and Zsolt János Viharos, researcher of the Research Laboratory on Engineering and Management Intelligence took part in the mapping of potential AI solutions for industry 4.0 standards. Péter Kacsuk, head of Laboratory of Parallel and Distributed Systems, Róbert Lovas, deputy director of SZTAKI and Microsoft managed the “Hungarian AI cloud” project together. Infrastructural findings of the project got already implemented into the strategy.

The goal of the strategy is to ready up Hungary for general use of AI, define core structures of the ecosystem, and vocal actual economic results in several fields. According to Palkovics, the strategy may add 11 to 14 per cent to Hungary’s national gross domestic product by 2030. The strategy also has organizational background: the National Data Asset Agency is being established in Budapest, while the University of Debrecen is about to install additional new supercomputers for analytic purposes. Meanwhile, the SZTAKI-led National Laboratory of AI has already been established. We hope to latch on as many world-famous research projects as possible.

In addition, Hungary has joined to the Finnish initiative “AI Challenge”. The goal is to have the population’s 10 per cent, one million people to gain some knowledge of AI till the end of 2021. One per cent, approximately one hundred thousand should get some training to get fresh know-how on the subject.