A delegation from the British Embassy visited SZTAKI

On the afternoon of 9 March 2022, a delegation from the British Embassy Budapest arrived at SZTAKI to learn more about the Institute's operations and to take a closer look at the activities of the national laboratories coordinated by SZTAKI, the Autonomous Systems National Laboratory (ARNL) and the Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory (MILAB).

The Embassy was represented by First Secretary Matthew Kirlew, Scientific Attaché Krisztina Kocsis and Communications Officer Levente Gulyás, who were joined by Gabriella Verbovszky, International Relations Officer of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network. During the first half of the two-hour programme, presentations were given by SZTAKI staff.

Gábor Érdi-Krausz, the MILAB project coordinator, opened the first part of the first two hours with a presentation on the structure, operation and international relations of SZTAKI. The second was András Benczúr, Head of the Informatics Laboratory and science coordinator of MILAB, who gave a detailed presentation on MILAB's research and the increasingly diverse applications of artificial intelligence.

He was followed by Péter Gáspár, Head of the Systems and Control Lab and ARNL, who gave a presentation on the research and solutions of the national laboratory, describing both the work on autonomous systems on land and in the air. András Kovács, Senior Research Fellow at the Research Laboratory on Engineering & Management Intelligence, took to the podium to present the developments and results of the laboratory in the field of energy management.

Following the presentations, the visitors had a long discussion with SZTAKI staff and the possibility of future collaborations was discussed. Photos from the private event can be seen in the gallery of the institute's Facebook page, by clicking here.